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Professional Bike Repair & Service

Keep your bicycle in top shape with our expert bike repair and maintenance services. From standard tune-ups to complete overhauls, our friendly, expert mechanics are professionally trained to provide a full range of service on all bike makes and models. Our bicycle service menu includes a variety of packages to fit your needs, and we also offer estimates and à la carte options.

Booking your service appointment at one of our many locations is easy. Just stop by the shop, give us a call, or use our quick Online Appointment Form below to book your appointment.

Maintenance for Your New Bike

On the surface, a bicycle can seem like a pretty simple thing; you hop on it, start pedaling, and go. However, without routine maintenance your bike's performance will soon start to decline and you will notice that it doesn't ride "the way it used to."  The same rules apply to automobiles; imagine simply getting in your car, turning the key and driving without ever getting the oil changed, checking tire pressure, or having that 30,000 mile tune up.

When your bike is properly maintained:

Bicycle Service and
  1. The gears will shift quickly, crisply, and precisely without "slipping".
  2. The brakes will function to stop the bike fast and quietly and provide the rider with braking confidence and control.
  3. The 4 bearing points are smooth without play and still have grease fill.
  4. Wheels are true without lateral "wobbles" or up and down hop, and spokes are tensioned properly.
  5. The bike will operate smoothly and efficiently.

So, here's how we can help...

  • We know bikes and are here to help you!
  • We can help you figure out what your bike needs and will explain it clearly.
  • You can get free estimates from experienced, knowledgeable, thoughtful technicians with you while you are in the store--all day every day.
  • We want you to be happy and enjoy your bike riding experience and the advice we give will reflect that mantra.

Tune-up and Adjustment Services

Bike Repair Shop

Bicycles are full of moving parts that each require their own unique adjustments and maintenance schedule. While your tires may last 2000 miles, your chain may only make it 1000 miles before it needs replacement. When you bring your bike into Race Pace for service we will provide you with a free estimate and assess the overall condition of the bike. Next, we will discuss a plan of action to service your bike in order to address its needs, which often times will include a variety of options depending on your situation. Lastly, we will perform the agreed-upon service and make sure to road test your bike to ensure whatever adjustments were made have solved your particular issues.

  • Tune ups should be performed at least once per year.
  • A routine tune can save you a lot of money in the long run.
  • Routine tune-ups will ensure that you maximize your bike's performance and lifespan of important parts.

Services Menu:

  • A range of tune up options from a comprehensive tune up to a complete overhaul.
  • Brake system adjustments.
  • Gear system adjustments.
  • Bearing point adjustments.

Installation of Parts & Accessories

Bicycle Parts Installation Services

Whether you ride your bike for exercise, racing, training, commuting to work, or simple pleasure you will eventually need to replace some parts. Parts break, parts wear out, accidents happen; we understand and take pride in offering a huge selection of replacement parts and accessories. Thinking of upgrading your drivetrain? Or maybe accessorizing your bike for night time commuting? We have you covered!

  • We have a large in-stock inventory ranging from routine parts to the totally obscure.
  • Special orders are made simple! Most parts arrive in store 1-3 days after your order them.
  • We stock and sell what we ride thus we have a deep understanding and commitment to our product lines.
  • We stock lots of the latest and greatest parts that you drool over in the magazines and online.

Services Menu:
Installation of any and all bicycle parts and accessories! Including (but certainly not limited to):

  1. components.
  2. computers.
  3. power meters.
  4. fenders.
  5. racks.
  6. bags.
  7. lights.

Cleaning and Detailing

Bicycle Parts Cleaning

Keeping your bicycle clean can make all the difference in the world. When a bike's drivetrain is clean and properly lubricated it will allow you to get the most out of your bicycle's performance. A clean and properly lubricated chain will last much longer before needing replacement. A common occurrence is when contamination like dirt/water/sweat/sports drink get into a bike's cables and housing and cause poor braking/shifting performance. These same contaminants will find their way into a bike's bearing systems and can cause severe damage if a bike is not kept clean, lubricated and adjusted properly.

  • Certain bike styles like mountain and triathalon bikes are more susceptible to outside elements contaminating the various systems.
  • We use environmentally safe, PH neutral, non-toxic, non-caustic cleaning tanks and fluids

Services Menu:

  1. Drivetrain clean
  2. Frame Clean/Detail

Hydraulic Brake Services

Hydraulic Brake Services

From mountain to road and touring to cyclocross; the world of disc brakes is always changing and evolving. We strive to keep up to date on all the latest disc braking systems by training our staff and routinely servicing all makes and models of disc brakes.Having the right tools and expertise is critical when bleeding and servicing disc brakes.

  • We service all brands and styles of hydraulic braking systems.
  • Retrofits available.
  • We stock a large variety of brake pads especially for today's most common hydraulic brake systems.

Services Menu:

  1. Installation and adjustments on hydraulic systems.
  2. Hydrailic Brake bleeding.
  3. Hydraulic hose shortening.
  4. Brake pad replacement.

Electronic Systems Services

Bicycle Electronic Shifting Service

Over the last 20 years, bicycle gear systems have changed and evolved dramatically. In the early days bikes did not have gears, and as the years went by you started seeing more and more bikes outfitted with different shifting systems. Today it iscommonplace to see bicycles with a wide range of gears that are available at many different price points. The latest evolution in bicycle gear systems is electronic shifting. Whether it's Shimano or Campagnolo, we are trained in the latest technology. Electronic shifting is reliable, user friendly, and lightweight. Battery life is VERY long and does not require daily/weekly charging like cell phones.

  • Electronic shifting is amazing and here to stay. Each year you see more and more electronic shifting systems on bikes. It is becoming more affordable each and every year.
  • Makes sense on every road bike ESPECIALLY triathlon bikes!
  • Most bikes can be retrofitted with electronic shifting.
Services menu:
  • Installation/Adjustment of electronic shifting systems.
  • Customized programming of specific functions in the shifting system.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Firmware updates.

Suspension Services

Mountain bikes have come a long way in a very short amount of time. In the not too distant past they used to feature rim brakes, minimal front suspension, narrow handlebars, long stems and an extremely hunched over riding position. As the years have gone by, all of these things have become obsolete. Leading the charge is the way a mountain bike's suspension system functions and performs. Full suspension mountain bikes are very common to see on the trails, as are longer-travel front suspension bikes. Today's suspension forks and shocks are extremely complex and intricate pieces of engineering, chock full of technology. They are by far the most involved piece of machinery on a mountain bike and thus require a special dedication to maintenance and servicing.

  • Modern bicycle suspension is one of the greatest modern day improvements to the sport of mountain biking.
  • We are happy to talk about suspension setup on your new mountain bike and explain how all the features operate.
  • Routine oil and seal replacement is absolutely critical to maintaining a suspension fork/rear shock.
  • Suspension is one of the most important features on a modern day mountain bike and plays a critical part in the way a bike rides off road.
Services menu:
  • Suspension fork or rear shock oil and seal change.
  • Damper overhaul complete with new oil and seal kit.

Custom Wheel Services

Bicycle Wheel Building

All bicycles have wheels, and they come in many different sizes and configurations. Wheels have a major impact on the way a bike rides and performs. Wheels are built and developed for a wide variety of applications from climbing the French Alps on a 15 pound road bike, to riding across a continent as part of a 100 pound loaded touring bike. If you are dreaming of building some new wheels, let us help you! We regularly build custom wheelsets that are specifically tailored to your exact needs. Hubs, spokes, rims, nipples, weight, durability, performance, and of course price are all variables that we will be happy to discuss!

  • We work with many manufacturers to build you whatever customer wheel you can dream up.
  • Wheels can make a huge difference in the ride quality of every type of bicycle.
Services Menu:
  • Custom wheel builds.
  • Truing/re-tensioning.
  • Spoke replacement.
  • Re-lacing or re-spoking wheels.
  • Hub overhauls.
  • Conversion of rear wheels to 11 speed.
  • Tubular cleaning/mounting.
  • Tubeless conversions (Mountain and road).

Custom Bikes & Frame Services

Custom Bike Build

You dream it, we do it! No matter what your needs are with your frame or bicycle we will be glad to help you attain your goals. At the heart of every bicycle is it's frame. The frame provides all the attachment points for components and bearing surfaces. In order for a bike to operate at it's full potential the frame needs to be in proper alignment and well cared for.

  • We will do just about anything.
  • Special projects welcomed.
  • We work closely with a number of frame repair companies that can fix or modify your carbon, titanium, aluminum, or steel bicycle.
Services Menu:
  • Custom bike job too big or too small!
  • Frame preparation including: reaming, facing, cutting, and tap headtubes, bottom brackets, and forks.
  • Crash inspection and evaluation.
  • Apply rust inhibitor to the inside walls of steel frames.

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