Electric Assist Bikes

Rates for the following bikes are as follows:

1 day rental- $75   3 day rental- $150  1 week rental- $200


Trek Lift+

Available in Medium (18.5") and Large (21")

Lift+ is a lightweight, electric-assist recreation bike that pairs an ultra-comfortable ride with the smooth, controlled, unbelievably fun power boost of our mid-drive motor.  Where would you like to go? Whatever route you choose, Lift+ will take you there with ease. Long rides? Hills? Headwinds? With Lift+ electric assist, nothing will slow you down.  Simple control switches allows you to adjust power levels and lights without having to remove your hands from the handlebars.



Trek Lift+ Lowstep

Available in Medium (16.5")

Across town or across campus, Trek's Lift+ takes you there with comfort and speed. RIDE+ bikes are equipped with long-lasting lithium ion batteries for quick charges, sustained power, and confidence on even the longest rides.  Easy-on, easy-off stepthrough frame is perfect for anybody not interesed in swinging a leg over the top tube.


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