Jon Posner

Jon Posner
Race Pace Columbia
First hired by Race Pace 1995
Store Manager and Special Projects
Trek level 2 fit certified
Shimano Dyna-Sys certified
Felt Workshop certified
Trek University certified

What got you into cycling?
I wrecked my right ACL halfway through my first year of college in 1993. Riding a bike was part of my knee rehab and not long after that I fell in with group of guys who rode mountain bikes. I simply fell completely in love with the sport.

What is your favorite bicycle part/product?
I love a good handbuilt wheel. A wheel is so simple but it is a complex balance of tension in 32 directions.

What do you enjoy doing outside of cycling?
These days being a dad takes up most of my spare time. If I am not dadding or working, I am usually out riding.

What do you love most about riding in the Baltimore area?
The diversity of riding options within a short drive of us is staggering.

What is your favorite cycling race?
My new favorite is the Rattling Creek Marathon 50 miler - never ridden a rockier more relentless course.



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