Marc Lefkowitz

Marc Lefkowitz
Race Pace
Started working at Race Pace in 1980
Trek Level 1 Fit Certification

What got you into cycling? I have always loved cycling. When I was 16, my brother needed to get to school in Idaho, so we decided to ride across the country. He stayed out there and I came back.

What is your favorite bicycle part/product? I have always said it is a product called "momiles" It will solve all of your problems!

What do you enjoy doing outside of cycling? Photography, gardening, beekeeping.

What do you love most about riding in the Baltimore area? We have some of the best roads in the world to ride on. Beautiful, quiet roads just outside of a major metropolitan area. Very easy to explore.

Who is your favorite cyclist and why? I could name a bunch of pro cyclists that I know and admire, but my favorite has got to be the new cyclist who comes into the store with a passion to learn and experience everything cycling has to offer.



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