Nick Richmond

Nick "Uncle Rich" Richmond
Race Pace Ellicott city, Columbia and Baltimore
Starting work at Race Pace in 2009
Sales and Bicycle Mechanic 

What got you into cycling? I had always enjoyed bike riding but lacked some of the motivation. So when my best friend and neighbor came home with his Trek 4500, I could not have been more jealous. The next day I went to Race Pace in Ellicott City and bought my Gary Fisher Advance, and I have been addicted to bicycles ever since!

What is your favorite bicycle part/product? Front Derailleur, it is probably one of the hardest things to learn to adjust on a bicycle. I've been adjusting them for three years now and I finally understand them completely

What do you enjoy doing outside of cycling? Concerts, visiting my friends at other colleges, and watching nice films.

What do you love most about riding in the Baltimore area? Patapsco State Park is marvelous.

Who is your favorite cyclist and why? Greg Capelle because he taught me that even when you start riding bicycles late in the game, if you train hard enough you can pass the ones who have done it for years. 


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