Patrick Looney

Patrick Looney
Race Pace Ellicott City
Started at Race Pace in 2011
Bicycle Mechanic

What got you into cycling?
Definitely my parents. They always had me riding bikes instead of watching TV. So as I got older, my parents allowed me to venture into the woods. It was a fantastic new world that I had never explored on wheels before! I spent more and more time in the woods, and absolutely fell in love with the sport. So, many skinned knees, broken bones, and mangled bikes parts later, you have the avid cyclist that I am today.

What is your favorite bicycle part/product?
This is a 100% tie between hydraulic disc brakes and suspension products. But they all work together, so it really doesn't matter!

What do you enjoy doing outside of cycling?
Playing music. I have been playing percussion for just over 11 years now and really have loved every minute of it. Anything from classical marimba pieces to rocking out with my band on the drum set. Love it all.

What do you love most about riding in the Baltimore area?
The number of people who have a general respect for the sport of cycling, road or mountain. There is less "Elite-ism" here than there is in other counties and states. Everybody here just wants to ride, regardless of who makes your bike or how much it costs. Just a good group of people.

What is your favorite cycling race?
The UCI downhill world championships. Every year, it's the race that everyone really goes all out for. They push themselves as hard in practice in this race as they do in their race runs in the world cups. It's that kind of racing with the all or nothing mentality that really interests me as a rider. It's also a race that I would one day like to attend as a racer or a fan.


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