"Steve's Downhill Spiral" Video Series

Produced completely in-house by Race Pace staff members and more than a year in the making, Steve's Downhill Spiral offers a unique and exciting perspective on the lives of those of us who make our living in the bicycle industry.  Follow Race Pace's own Steve Borkoski as he juggles a rare opportunity to travel the world as lead mechanic for Trek World Racing's downhill mountain bike team, works through another busy season at the bike shop and tops it off by adding a new baby to the mix.  Directed by Antonio Paterniti and starring many of us and many of our close friends in the cycling world. 
We had a lot of fun with this and feel it's well worth your time!   New episodes released each week!


Episode 1: My Dream Job - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Race Pace Bicycles Mechanic extraordinaire, Steve Borkoski, gets an amazing opportunity to travel the globe with Trek World Racing's World Cup Downhill Racing Team. But can he leave the Race Pace Bicycles Columbia store at the busiest time of the bicycling season? Can his budding family cope with his absence? How will he juggle all these responsibilities?


Episode 2: Race Around the Clock - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Six time 24 Hour Solo World Champion, Chris Eatough, shares how he entered the 24 Solo scene and quickly dominated the category on a global scale with the support of his team, including Race Pace Bicycles' own Steve Borkoski and Jonathan Posner, who tirelessly ensured that he succeeded.


Episode 3: On Tour - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski talks about his love for unsupported bicycle touring in some of the most exotic regions of the globe. Alex Obriecht, owner of Race Pace Bicycles, joins Steve on many of his trips and shares an amusing anecdote from one of their adventures in Patagonia. In preparation for his time away from the shop, Steve let's Alex know that he appreciates the opportunity to work with Trek World Racing during the busiest time for Race Pace.


Episode 4: The Newborn Arrives - Steve's Downhill Spiral

In this episode, Steve Borkoski and his wife Amber are expecting a baby soon. How will Steve juggle family time, two jobs, world travels and a newborn?


Episode 5:  Lourdes of the Ring - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski travels to Lourdes, France for the first World Cup series race. Go behind the scenes with Race Pace Bicycle's ace mechanic as he talks about the coordination and logistics necessary to implement a successful downhill run on an international scale.


Episode 6: Today's Rain is Tomorrow's Whiskey - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski gets first hand knowledge of the old Scottish proverb, "Today's Rain is Tomorrow's Whisky" as he and the Trek World Racing Downhill Team head to Scotland for the second World Cup race.


Episode 7: Leogang im Salzburgerland - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski and the Trek World Racing crew fly from the rainy Scottish Highlands to Munich, Germany then drive to Leogang in Austria. The weather continues to be wet and soggy, but it doesn't put a damper on the Team's spirits.



Episode 8: Got Lenzerheide - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Boasting quite possibly the longest ski lift gondola ride ever filmed, episode 8 features Lenzerheide in the Swiss Alps as the idyllic backdrop for Steve and the Trek World Racing Team to continue their World Cup Quest!


Episode 9: Mont Sainte Anne, Quebec - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski and the Trek Downhill Racing crew are in Canada for the fifth world cup race at Mont Sainte-Anne.



Episode 10: Windham, New York - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski and the Trek Downhill Racing crew are finally stateside for a race in Windham, New York.


Episode 11: Val di Sole Mio - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Steve Borkoski and the Trek Downhill Racing crew travel to Italy to race down the best mountains EVER--the Dolomites!



Episode 12: We'll Always Have Andorra - Steve's Downhill Spiral

Ace Race Pace Bicycles Mechanic, Steve Borkoski, turns a final wrench for Trek World Racing's Downhill team. The World Championships are the Olympics of Downhill Mountain Biking and Trek World Racing is thirsty for gold! This episode features another original song by Race Pace Mechanic Justin Cianciolo.